Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bible Book

Conversation at Church this morning:

"Mommy, Jesus said I could take one of the Bible books home with me after church"

"No, you need to leave them here "

"But Mommy Jesus said I could "

"I didn't hear him "

"You couldn't hear him because he told me when I was praying to him "

(How do you argue with that?!) "Well you need to leave them here so other people know what words to sing when they come to church."

After that I left it alone assuming that she understood what I was telling her. There were only 5-10 minutes left of church so I told her to pick up her toys she brought because Church was almost over. I helped her put her backpack on her back when we left. As I was taking her backpack off her when we got to the car I noticed how heavy the bag was. I asked her what was in her bag that was so heavy because I didn't remember it being that heavy when we came into church. That's when she told me, "Mommy, I told you Jesus said I could take one of the bible books home with me" I told her again we needed to leave them there so other people could sing praises to God when they came to church. She looked at me very innocently and said, "Well now we can sing Jesus songs at home!"

At that point I just left it alone because we were already at the car and I didn't want to go back in. I also figured she had such good intentions that we will just bring the hymnal back next week.


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