Monday, April 8, 2013

Lacey and Katie

My little girls had fun playing outside this weekend!
Suprisingly I ddin't get any pictures of Kylie

we had our friends from out of state over

so i'm sure she was probably busy playing

My little girls love getting their picture taken as much as their big sister!

It so cool to me that they will allow me to take their pictures

and I don't have to struggle to get the picture.

Lacey is back in the saddle, its been a while since she's had any lessons 

Katie is getting to be quite the pro at watching the lessons!

Nana's cowgirl

Cowgirl in waiting :)
Kylie is a SERIOUS cowgirl, she sure loves her horses :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing in the Snow!

This weekend we were hit with a late, late snow.

The kids LOVED it!

They could not get outside fast enough when they looked outside and seen all of the snow.

We received 19 inches of heavy, wet snow in 24 hours.  The best part of receiving all that snow was we had no school or work, 3 day weekend!!

It's pretty wild to get that much snow overnight.  Expecially when that's more snow than we've received all year long!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kylie's Modeling session

Kylie, my oldest daughter...

Loves to pose for the camera

Whenever we are outside and I have the camera, she almost always asks if she can be my model :)

The results are that I have A LOT of pictures of complaints

She has so much fun 'modeling' for me

I only have one problem/question

Who gave her permission to grow up?!?!  My little girl is looking more like a young lady than a little girl, I'm not sure I'm too happy about this....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazy Lacey

It was so nice out, we HAD to play outside.  Going in the house after getting home from daycare, school, and work was not an option!

And playing in the mud was of course the first thing on everyone's mind to do.

Lo and behold, what did Miss Lacey find in the mud???  A worm of course!  She was very upset I wouldn't let her bring it in the house as one of her pets.

And then because she saw her big sister doing it for me earlier, she decided she needed to 'model' for me.  This one is quite cute, keep in mind the tights she has on were white when she went to school this morning.

And a serious pose...

The sweet side....

One of my very favorites of all of the ones she took today

The look in her eyes says EVERYTHING

And the grand finale..
Who can resist some of these faces???

They are a true representation of Miss Lacey, she never fails to make us laugh

Monday, March 18, 2013

Outside with Katie

It was SO nice outside this weekend

Spring fever has definately hit us 

The girls just want to be outside playing, they've been couped up for too long 

Katie, like all my girls, LOVES to play outside.  She is NOT afraid to get dirty.  I haven't figured out if that's a good or a bad thing.... 

First this this year up in the swingset 'driving' the boat! 
And then she promptly went down the slide and Mommy didn't catch her fast enough before she landed in the mud!  Oh well, its fun to play outside get dirty and just enjoy the FRESH air.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Egg hunt!

Our annual Easter Egg hunt

It was very cold and windy, but the girls still had fun

And managed to get quite a few eggs

and candy.  Of course, they were VERY happy about all the candy!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Children's discovery Musem

Here are our pictures from a day at the Children's Discovery Museum!