Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April is Autism Awareness Month!

My family and I have been personally affected by this disease, my brother is affected by it. There is a lot of information about this disease at the following sites. I would encourage everyone to educate themselves about this disease so we can all be empowered. Knowledge is power.

Autism Society of America (ASA)

Autism Speaks


Autism Awareness Puzzle and Ribbon Clip Art

ABA Resources for Recovery from Autism/PDD/Hyperlexia

Guidelines: Identifying, Serving, and Educating Children and Youth with Autism

Mark Leland's Missing Pieces, a song for Autism

The Charity Guide

North Dakota Autism Center, Inc.

Daddy you are Soooo wrong

Converstation between Daddy and Kylie:

Daddy yesterday you were sooo silly

Why was I so silly yesterday?

Because you said bees live in a nest but they don't, they live in a hive. You are soooo wrong!

The story behind the conversation is that two weeks ago we were in the backyard and heard a very loud bumble bee. Greg looked up and said that there must a big nest up near the roof somewhere. The fact that she thought about that for two weeks amazes me because we didn't even know she was paying attention - she was busy playing when he said it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Playing at the Park

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Due Date

Well I went for my first appointment since finding out that we are expecting a new baby. Our official due date is December 2, 2008! We are so excited for this baby.

Kylie keeps saying there is a brother and a sister in Mommy's tummy. I hope her ESP is not working this time, this is one of those times I hope she is wrong. Twins are nice, but I just think we would be better with just one at a time. Almost everyday she asks if "the babies" are done yet and how big "they" are now? Notice all the plurals she has in her sentences....scary.

Anyway that is all the update I have for now. I'm so thankful that I really haven't been that sick, a couple of days but nothing to complain about that's for sure!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Enjoying Spring

Kylie was so excited to wear her skirt outside. She is posing for a picture for Daddy. She absolutely would wear a dress or skirt everyday if I would let her. Shew

Thinking about which flower she should pick next! As soon as the flower blooms, she is picking it.

Modeling her very cute skirt. She told Daddy when she was putting on "Now I'm going to be beautiful" And of course we agree with her!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Autism Awareness Video

Very moving video, with a lot of Autism facts.