Sunday, July 31, 2011

Katie's 6 Month Pictures

Mommy took Katie's 6 month pictures again this month.

This one is Mommy's favorite.  Which one is yours?
 It's hard to believe that it has been 6 months already that this little beauty entered our lives. 
 She is sitting up now, and is trying to crawl.  Sometime during month 7 I do belive she will crawl then look out world!
 She loves her sisters, she gets SO excited when she sees them come into the room.
 She started eating baby food, however I think she is going to be a picky eater.  It seems that the only veggies she likes are of the orange variety, forget about anything green!  She cries when you try to feed green beans or peas to her.  She loves all fruit!
I think she is going to be the kid that says forget about baby food, and give me the REAL stuff!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boating with Uncle Chris and Auntie Charissa

Uncle Chris and Aunt Charissa invited us to go on a boat ride with them.  The girls and I were really excited, it's been a while since I've been on a boat and for the 2 little girls their first time.  Kylie went fishing with Greg last year and remembered how much fun it was.

Both of these pictures of the the two older girls were taken while waiting for Uncle Chris and Aunt Charissa to get to the marina with the boat...

 Lacey said 'it's berry windy!'
 Hi Uncle Chris!
 Hi Auntie Charissa!
 We were just getting going, they were already lovin' it!
 Does she look happy or what?!
 Riding in the front is berry fun!

 Uncle Chris let them drive!  They both did great.  Kylie really thought she was big stuff because Uncle Chris let her drive first.
 Lacey took her job as Captain of the boat VERY seriously!
 Me and my little girls!  Even Katie had a good time, she was quiet the WHOLE time!  Yes, I've had better hair days... :)
All in all it was a great time had by all!  Can't wait to go again!!!
Thank you again Uncle Chris and Auntie Charissa!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kylie's Birthday Party!

Kylie wanted to have her birthday party before we moved.  We decided to have it at a local gymnastics gym in our area.  The kids (and parents too) had so much fun.  It's a great place to have a party.  They provide the cake (depending on the package chosen), they direct all of the activities right down to the gift opening and they even helped arrange for group shots of all of the kids.  It was perfect.  It was so funny seeing all of the kids's faces bright red and the sweat from how hard they had been playing.  Kylie really enjoyed having so many of her friends there.  It was a great time.
She originally wanted to have a Justin Bieber (JB) themed party, but since we couldn't get a JB cake she compromised and just wore JB shirt to her party instead.

Her Cake

Make a wish!

One of many group pictures

Present time!

All of the kids got to try out all of the equipment, they loved it!

Another group picture in the foam pit!!!
First attempt at a post present opening group picture...where did those boys go?!
Second attempt at a birthday picture...there's those boys again!
Silly face time!
Big group hug!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swimming at our new house

The girls absolutley love the pool at our new house!
 I'm pretty sure Kylie could have been a fish in another life.
 Our nephew Brandon has been an awesome help to us! He takes the girls down to the pool and never complains.  They love Brandon and he is so good to them.  I  never have to worry about them when he is with them.
Kylie would live in the pool if she could, she never wants to get out. 
 Lacey has a lot of respect for the pool.  I wouldn't say she is scared of the water, but is definately not as carefree about it as I thought she would be either.
 Both of the girls have developed a very nice tan from the water.  Kylie's is beautiful, one to be envious of for sure!
Even baby Katie likes to to be in the pool.  Although I've limiting her to only a little bit here and there.  She loves to splash the water in her face.  So cute!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We are moving!!!

We are moving tomorrow!  I tried to take a picture of girls in front of our old house.  This is what I got:

First attempt
 Second attempt...
 Third and final!
 And just for fun, one of Kylie and Katie.  Lacey had something to do...

Why do pictures have to be so difficult to take???  I don't even ask for perfect pictures, just ones that they are all looking in relatively the same direction....oh well.

This house has been good to us, it's where we brought all three of our babies home to, where our little family started and lots of memories.

On to new adventures!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Katie's 6 Month Doctor Appointment

It's hard to believe that Miss Katie is 6 months old already!  She is so busy learning new things everyday.  She's already cut 2 teeth and is eating solids now.  She does NOT like baby cereal (I can't say I blame her) and love bananas! 

Today was her 6 month doctor appointment.  She had a great appointment, the doctor was pleased with her progress and developments.  She is a BIG girl, her stats are : 19 1/2 pounds (95th percentile) and 26 3/4 inches (90th percentile)!  She is as tall as she is heavy.  Most people that see her do not believe me that she is only 6 months old.

She is pretty much sitting up on her own, rolling like crazy, and I don't think it will be long before she is crawling.  Whenever she is on the floor her legs are kicking all the time.  She works hard to get what she wants, but she is definitely determined and eventually she will get it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Katie's 5 Month Pictures

Mommy attempted to take Katie's 5 month pictures.  Daddy keeps telling me that I can take just as good of pictures as the professionals do.  I, however,  do not quite agree.  But do to time constraits I tried, what do you think?  Be honest...

This one is my personal favorite. 

And this one it looks like she is showing me her new tooth! 
She is such a fun and loveable baby.  She fits in perfectly with our family.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Look who just got her first tooth!!!

Miss Katie just cut her first tooth!
At 5 1/2 months old she is officially my youngest child to get her first tooth.  Both of her sisters were approximately 8 months old.  I am so grateful for kids that cut teeth without issues.  I just happened to see her tooth in her mouth, she didn't fuss or cry anymore than her normal amount so I had NO idea!

Monday, July 4, 2011