Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swimming at our new house

The girls absolutley love the pool at our new house!
 I'm pretty sure Kylie could have been a fish in another life.
 Our nephew Brandon has been an awesome help to us! He takes the girls down to the pool and never complains.  They love Brandon and he is so good to them.  I  never have to worry about them when he is with them.
Kylie would live in the pool if she could, she never wants to get out. 
 Lacey has a lot of respect for the pool.  I wouldn't say she is scared of the water, but is definately not as carefree about it as I thought she would be either.
 Both of the girls have developed a very nice tan from the water.  Kylie's is beautiful, one to be envious of for sure!
Even baby Katie likes to to be in the pool.  Although I've limiting her to only a little bit here and there.  She loves to splash the water in her face.  So cute!

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  1. It's awesome that they love the water! What a beautiful pool to moved at the right time!
    And...yes...I too am jealous of my girls' tans! :)