Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun with Daddy

Playing with Daddy is so much fun!  I don't think there are too many kids that don't like to be tossed in the air.  I know my kids LOVE it!

Kylie's turn!  This is daddy's OMG please let me catch her!  LOL

I think this is such a cute picture of them.  Where is Katie you ask?

Over finding the ball that Daddy and the big girls were playing baseball with earlier!

And she stikes a pose again!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Future Soccer star?

Lacey played her first game of soccer today!

Watching 3 year olds play soccer is quite comical indeed!

But bless their little hearts they really try hard!

I mean check out their muscles!

Such a great program for little ones, get time interested early!  And added bonus they learn to play together to work with each other, and not fight over whos turn it is to kick the ball. A certain little girl, may or may not have sat down in the middle of the field because she was mad it wasn't her turn to kick...I'll never tell ;-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter to all!  I hope everyone had a good Easter.  We sure did.  We were invited by our friends, Reggie and Ann to visit with them at their place.  The girls and I had a great time.

They totally loved the Easter Egg hunt!  I think Kylie found the most eggs, which of course she was so proud.

They have a beautiful farm that is awesome for taking pictures.  Of course Kylie really likes to get her picture taken so that works great for me!

They also have a pond stocked with fish.  Kylie fished for most of the day, which was great because she had been wanting to go fishing for about the last month or so!

This picture of Lacey says everything there is to say about her personality!  She is such a fun little girl to be around, you never really know what is going to come out of her mouth next!  She too loved being at the farm, she ran her heart out!

Did you know if you wear your 'ears' when you go on the Easter Egg Hunt you are guaranteed to find many more easter eggs?  Our nieghbor was kinds enough to buy all three girls some ears for easter.  Lacey wore hers almost the ENTIRE day.

She was 'VERY' proud of all the eggs she found!

Katie had better things to do with her time than hunt for silly easter eggs!  You know, like run all over the place :)

She was so tired in this picture, she had a 30 minute nap all day.  Lets just say she passed out 1/4 of a mile away from their house when we left!

Lacey's favorite part of the day was going on the boat with 'Papa Reggie'.  Kylie was on this ride too, but Lacey managed to squeek out a second ride later on in the day :)

Thank you Reggie and Ann for a great day!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Playing at the park

Today I took the little gies to the park while Kylie went to a pbirday party.  Lacey was a little 'miffed' that she didn't get invited to go but all was well when we got to the part and started playing!

Lacey absolutley LOVES to twist on the swings.  I think we did this at least 4 or 5 times that day! :)

Katie saw Lacey twisting and it looked like she wanted to try it, I'm not sure she liked it.  But the best part was listening to Lacey giggle while Katie was untwisting.

I was amazed at how well Katie did staying on the toys!  She kept herself on it for quite a while.  They had a great time, I think we were there at least an hour or so.  Both took wonderfully long naps after we got home. :)