Saturday, June 30, 2007


While out we were running some errands today, we stopped at a Stop sign. I asked Kylie what the sign said. "Stop", she said. Then I asked her how do you spell stop?
She responeded, "PIO, spells Stop". Greg said "2 out of three isn't bad", both Greg and I were laughing.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - At the beach

Kylies first time at the beach on Lake Michigan. She had so much fun playing in the sand and just looking a the waves. We went to the beach after visiting the zoo earlier in the day. This is the true meaning of Innocent Joy...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddy & Kylie on the 'puters!

I want to wish my wonderful husband a very happy birthday! I'm so lucky to get to share my life with you. I know I don't always say it enough, I appreciate everything you do and all the sacrifices you have made and continue make for our family. You are an excellent father to Kylie, she adores you. She is a very lucky little girl to have a father that loves and adores her like you do. Thank you for making my life complete. I Love You!!!!!

Love, Steph

Some pictures with Mommy

Aren't we cute?!

Wonder where she gets her scowl from????

Our pretty little girl. Just another day at the airport!
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Monday, June 18, 2007


Yesterday when I was talking to my dad on the phone Kylie asked me who I was talking to so I told her I was talking to Papa. Oh, she said and went back to playing with her toys. When I wished him a Happy Father's Day.

Kylie stopped what she was doing and said with a puzzled look on her face "Papa's a Fodder?"

"Yes, he's my daddy."

Thinking for a minute, she says, "Well he's my Papa"

Later in the day Papa came over to visit us and Kylie wanted him to play in her tunnels she has in the house. They are quite small and it's very hard for an adult to get into them. This is the exchange Kylie had with Papa:

Kylie: Papa can you play with me in my tunnels?
Papa: I can't my back is hurting me
Kylie: But I want you to play with me
Papa: I'm sorry I can't

Frusterated she came to tell me about the situation:

Kylie: Mommy Papa won't play with me
Mommy: He won't?! Should we trade him in for a new one?
Kylie: No, I want this Papa

She walks back over to the couch where Papa was sitting and stands directly in front of him:

Kylie: Papa you have to be nice to me
Papa: I am being nice to you
Kylie: But your not, you have to play with me

She looks at me and says, "Mommy say 'Papa you have to play with Kylie'"

Aparently she thought I have more authority than she does and he will listen to me. Papa told her again he could play in the tunnels with her because of his back. She just did not like that answer, she decided at that point to come outside with me.

Butterfly Constellation

Kylie: Daddy can I get down (from the table)
Daddy: Did you finish all your dinner?
Kylie: Uh huh
Daddy: Then what is all that on your plate?
Kylie: ::Thinking for a minute:: A butterfly Constellation

Daddy (laughing with Mommy): For that answer you can get down

And off she went! Thinking nothing of the answer she just gave her Daddy.

We're still laughing at that answer. It just goes to show you what information they pick up, you never know exactly what is making into their heads and actually sticking!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Don't be a Tattle Tale

Saturday Kylie was jumping on a trampoline with our neighbor boy at his grandparents house. While they were jumping she kept tattling that he was jumping too hard. I know I told a couple of times to stop tattling, and the last time I told her that I told her to come and sit by me if she couldn't stop tattling. After I told her for the last time to stop tattling she went back to jumping for a while. Then out of now where she stops jumping and says, "Uh Mommy, can I come sit by you so I don't be a tattle tale?" "Absolutely" I said.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Bad Day

Kylie had a very bad day on Thursday. She is always wanting to hold the door for everyone. Even though I have told her at least a hundred times that she is going to get her finger pintched - she insists. So I decided (against my better judgement) to let her hold the door. Sometime after I got through door and was waiting for her to get through the door, it started to close and guess what?! Smashed fingers! It was terrible, I have never heard her cry like that. She is generally a very tough little girl that it takes a pretty bad injury (like this one) to make her cry.

I ended up taking her to see the doctor. They did x-rays , all the bones looked fine. He said that by Friday that her fingers won't bother her. And he was right, by the end of the day they really didn' t seem to bother her.

The best part was when we were walking out of the doctors office. I was in front, Kylie in the middle and then the doctor, Kylie stops dead in her tracks and says "Mommy, the doctor make me feel all better and he beary gentle!" She was so excited, and you should have seen the pride on the doctors face, it was priceless!

Friday, June 1, 2007

From the mouth of a 2 year old

Here are a couple of things that Kylie has said in the past few weeks that just made us chuckle. Sometimes she comes up with some pretty good lines that make us question just how old she really is...

We were eating pizza for dinner the other day and Kylie decided that it was a good idea to wave the pepperoni in the air really fast in order to get the cheese off rather than just eat it off. And we told a few different times to stop and finally I asked her "what are you doing" she says "oh, I'm just goofing around guys". When did we become guys to her? I thought we were her parents.

Kylie was watching TV and Daddy kept touching her ear and she told him to stop it. He did it again and she told him to stop it again only this time with a little agitation in her vioce. Well he proceeded to do it again and she finally had enough and told him very firmly "Stop it I tell you, are you not?!"

Kylie was in our guest room playing with our corded telephone. From our guest room I hear "What's wrong with this thing, it not working!" I asked what she was doing, she says "I'm trying use this phone." She brings the phone out to the hallway where I was and says "Mommy this not working, I not know how to do it." I said well who are you trying to call. She said Nana. and then she says "Mommy I have to do this, this my whole world" with her arms stretched out.