Monday, June 4, 2007

Bad Day

Kylie had a very bad day on Thursday. She is always wanting to hold the door for everyone. Even though I have told her at least a hundred times that she is going to get her finger pintched - she insists. So I decided (against my better judgement) to let her hold the door. Sometime after I got through door and was waiting for her to get through the door, it started to close and guess what?! Smashed fingers! It was terrible, I have never heard her cry like that. She is generally a very tough little girl that it takes a pretty bad injury (like this one) to make her cry.

I ended up taking her to see the doctor. They did x-rays , all the bones looked fine. He said that by Friday that her fingers won't bother her. And he was right, by the end of the day they really didn' t seem to bother her.

The best part was when we were walking out of the doctors office. I was in front, Kylie in the middle and then the doctor, Kylie stops dead in her tracks and says "Mommy, the doctor make me feel all better and he beary gentle!" She was so excited, and you should have seen the pride on the doctors face, it was priceless!


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