Friday, May 7, 2010

Ridin' Bike

Kylie has been asking for the past couple of weeks if she could please go on a bike ride. So Sunday, when Lacey was taking one of her marathon naps (she took 2 3 1/2 hours naps last weekend) we did just that...she rode her bike around the block while I walked. She had lots of fun. Have you ever seen such a cute bike rider?
The beginning of the ride...
There she goes!

And she's off
I found a caterpiller on the road and Kylie just had to rescue it. Mommy can we take it home and put it in my bug house? If we leave it here it will get killed! So she got off her bike, put it in the front pouch and now it is in the bug house preparing to turn into a beautiful...moth.
She loves to catch caterpillers and watch them make their chrysalis and then emerge as a moth, and then she releases them and patiently waits for them to come back and 'visit' her! And we begin the hunt for another caterpiller...we watched at least 5 caterpillers complete the cycle and emerge as 4 moths and 1 monarch butterfly


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