Friday, July 31, 2009

I read a book about it...

Lately Kylie has been coming up with some pretty funny stories. I wanted to capture them and share them with everyone else. After reading the stories she has made you will be able to see how witty she is. I sometimes wish I could record her because sometimes she just cracks Greg and I with her stories and comments, and most of the time she isn't even trying to be funny, she just is!

Kylie's new favorite thing to tell me is that she "read a book about it". This is funny in and of itself becasue she doesn't know how to read 'for real' but she's great at pretending she can read. Here is one of her "I read about about it" stories.

Kylie: Mommy did you know that Mosquitos don't bite animals?

Me: Really, are you sure?

Kylie: Yep they only bite humans. That's how the Mama mosquito feeds her babies. She bits the human, then the blood goes into her tummy. Then she feeds the babies the blood.!

Me: Really...How did you know that?

Kylie: Well, I read a book about it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Washington D.C.

Last week I had to go to Washington D.C. on a business trip. I took Lacey with me and since I needed someone to watch Lacey while I was at my meeting my dad came along with me too! Kylie stayed with Nana and Daddy and they went camping. I'll post those pictures in a seperate post. My Dad, Lacey and myself had a really good time. I think we must have walked at least 10 miles while we were there. Only once did we not walk and that was when we took an open top bus tour of the area, and then we took the metro back to our hotel because it was too far to walk, and I didn't bring the stroller with because I thought we were going to be let off at the hotel - my mistake. Here are some of the pictures from the trip, enjoy!
6:15 PM - this is what time we started our small tour of Washington D.C. - keep in my this was all on foot, no rides anywhere just our 2 feet!

The White House. I was really suprised by how small it looked in person. I have always envisioned it being much larger. I think they make it look larger somehow on TV

Red Cross building

My dad took this postcard picture of the Washington Monument. Good job Dad!

Lacey is eating the cherry slushie that I bought for myself. I decided that since it was hot I would give her a litte taste, however the girl is smart and realized how good it was and would not give it back to me! Everytime I tried to get a taste - just a taste - she would start squealing until she got it back. And for the record, no she is not spoiled :)

Washington Monument, and a view of the Reflecting Pool.

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

The White House at night.

This is the house President Abraham Lincoln died in after he was shot. The Ford theater is just across the street.

The night view of the streets!

Peaceful protest outside the White House. They were protesting how the President was handeling /not handeling the violence in Iran

8:30 a little over 2 hours later we were headed back to the hotel!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pray for Stellan

I've been following Stellan just about the time he was born. Stellan was diagnosed in utero with SVT (a heart condition that causes your heart to beat extremly fast) he was not expected to live. However he did live, but today is fighting for his life. If you have the time and feel compelled to do so please, please, please PRAY FOR STELLAN.

You can read more about Stellan here: His Mama, known as MckMama on her blog does a stellar job of updating it daily. You can also follow her on twitter at she is updating twitter as often as she is able.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lacey's 8 Months Old

Lacey is 8 months old! Life is good, she is so much fun!
The pictures above were taken on my business trip to Washington D.C. My dad went with me and took care of Lacey while I was at my conference. We decided to take in some of the sights while we were there. The pictures above are of her eating a cherry slushie that I bought for myself, however as you can see Lacey pretty much commandeered it. Everytime I tried to take it to get a bite for myself she got very upset, she decided it was hers and there wasn't any sharing until she was done. By the time I got it it wasn't even slush it was flavored water.

Some of her milestones so far:

  • She is crawling now, very curious about her surroundings.
  • If she can find something to pull herself on she does it. She loves to stand. And now I'm seeing let go for a second to two before she falls.
  • Her 2 favorite things to chew on, CORDS and PAPER. Not exactly the safest things to chew on.
  • Loves to feed herself, expecially the baby puffs or cheerios.
  • Her first tooth is starting to cut through

    She is such a smiley baby, sometimes she smiles so big there isn't anyway her smile could be bigger! She is blessing that loves her big sister sooooo much!

Friday, July 17, 2009

T-Ball Game!

Here are some pictures from Kylie's tee ball game on Monday. She had a blast, it was the most involved I've ever seen her at a game. When we left she said "Mommy and Daddy that was soooo much fun!"

What a cute 3rd baseman!

Ready to run

Stealing the base maybe???

there she goes!

Which way is the ball gonna go? I'm ready!

Good Hit!

Being Silly

Doing her job as the pitcher!

She said Mommy when I'm playing t-ball I can hear you say "Go Kylie! Go Kylie!" I asked if she liked that or should I stop saying that and she told me "No I really like it!"
I'm so happy she isn't embarassed by me...yet

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slippin' and Slidin'

After watching Kylie play in our pool Greg mentioned that he thought Kylie would have a lot of fun on a Slip 'n Slide. So when we were shopping last week I bought her a Slip 'n Slide. So on Sunday I invited on of Kylie's friends over to play on the slip n slide because I knew she wouldn't want to play on in herself. Well, Greg was right! Kylie had so much fun on her Slip 'n Slide. Even though it was a little chilly outside she didn't seem to mind. She played on it off and on all afternoon. I think she changed out of her swimsuit at least 3 times that afternoon. Her friend had a good time too!

At the beginning...
Big splash!

Bigger splash!

Almost to the end!

Made it!
And she does a cute pose for the camera!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Innocent Joy

These pictures are our Innocent Joy's that this blog was named after.
Miss Kylie

Miss Lacey