Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our 4th of July at the Children's Museum

Here are our pictures from our trip to The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, IN. Since there were so many pictures I decided it was easier to put them in a slide show rather than post them all individually.

We really had a lot of fun at the museum. The museum is 5 floors of exhibits! We were able to visit all of the floors and see most of the exhibits on each floor in the 5 hours we were there. We tried to choose exhibits that we thought Kylie would enjoy. She seemed to absolutely enjoy herself the entire time. Greg and I learned how fast she can move, we were constantly on the move just following her! That's probably why our feet were aching by the time we left.

I think Kylie's favorite exhibit was the dinosaurs. If we would have let her I think she would have spent most of the day just looking at dinosaurs.
. She also like the Egypt exhibit, her favorite part of it was the airplane 'ride' to Egypt. It really did feel like the plane was flying. She rode the plane to Egypt at least 4 times and probably would have been more if we wouldn't have made her get off because we were leaving. Of course she loved the carousel too.
We let her ride 2 times and she seemed content with those 2 rides. We were very proud of her for accepting 2 rides was the limit especially since it was the end of the day and we were all very tired.

We definitely would like to go back and visit the museum again! Kylie is very intrigued by museums especially after going to the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian with daddy. She has seen the movie twice and loves to recite lines from the movie, it's very funny to listen to. One day I'll try to catch it on video and share for all to see!

Enjoy our pictures from our Children's Museum adventure:


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