Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lacey's 8 Months Old

Lacey is 8 months old! Life is good, she is so much fun!
The pictures above were taken on my business trip to Washington D.C. My dad went with me and took care of Lacey while I was at my conference. We decided to take in some of the sights while we were there. The pictures above are of her eating a cherry slushie that I bought for myself, however as you can see Lacey pretty much commandeered it. Everytime I tried to take it to get a bite for myself she got very upset, she decided it was hers and there wasn't any sharing until she was done. By the time I got it it wasn't even slush it was flavored water.

Some of her milestones so far:

  • She is crawling now, very curious about her surroundings.
  • If she can find something to pull herself on she does it. She loves to stand. And now I'm seeing let go for a second to two before she falls.
  • Her 2 favorite things to chew on, CORDS and PAPER. Not exactly the safest things to chew on.
  • Loves to feed herself, expecially the baby puffs or cheerios.
  • Her first tooth is starting to cut through

    She is such a smiley baby, sometimes she smiles so big there isn't anyway her smile could be bigger! She is blessing that loves her big sister sooooo much!


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