Friday, January 29, 2010


"Mommy I would feel guilty if I didn't wear my socks"

Guilty? Why would you feel guilty? You don't even know what guilty means.

"Yes I do"

What does it mean?


Referberation, what does that means?

*sigh* "Mommy you know what it means and don't act like you don't

All righty then....

Two hours later, "Kylie you don't really know what referberation means do you?"

"Nope, I just made it up!"

Ahhh, that's our Kylie always keeping us on our toes. And we love her so much for it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back-Seat driver

By now everyone who knows me knows about the "Envoy Incident". The other day Kylie and I were on way home from girl scouts there was a Semi next to us making a left turn (we were going straight). Normally this would not have even mattered to either one of us but since the "Envoy Incident" Kylie is very aware of Semi's. So as we're sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green, I hear from the back seat: "Uh Mommy you need to look out your window" I look over and see the truck and acknowledge the truck. Kylie says "Mommy you need to be careful in case he needs to turn". I had to reassure her the truck would be turing the other way and we were in now harm.
Seperate day, we were on our way to gymnastics and just after we crossed the tracks I hear from the back seat "Mommy I looked both ways to make sure there were no trains comming" I told her I looked before I crossed and she says "Well I didn't see you so I did it so we could be safe!"

Obviously Greg has trained her very well on being safe in the car so much so that she is making sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to. It's a good thing...I guess :)
On our way home after going through the drive-thru...

I had to unbuckle my seat belt for some reason or another and forgot to buckle it before I left the parking lot. Half way home I realize it and buckle it. This is what I hear from the back seat"

"Mommy you know it's not safe to drive with out your seat belt"

Yes I know I just forgot, I put it on as soon I as remembered it.

"Well it's not safe to take your hands off the steering wheel when you are driving, you should have stopped in a parking lot and then put it on"

At that point I just agreed with her, she was right and I couldn't agrue with her. My dad said she won't even need to read the rules of the road when she gets ready to drive because it appears as though she already knows them! Good job daddy for doing such a good job teaching her!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kids Museum

My friend Jenny and I took our kids to visit the Curious Kids Museum. Everything in the museum is hands on. The only rule they have is that you put back what ever you take out. Sounds easy enough, here we go!

Kylie inside the big bubble. This was actually a lot harder to get a picture of her in it than I thought it would be because I thought I would be able to pull the handle stand back and take a picture. Wrong! I had to do everything fast I thought I could do this slowly, didn't work. Finally after it popping about a gazillion times before I could get a picture a very nice gentleman came over to us and offered to pull the handle to make the bubble so I could get my picture of her. Geez who would have thought it would be so difficult!

Lacey riding the tractor. The museum had a great area that was designed just for toddlers. It obviously had a farm theme to it and a nice gate so there was so accidental escapes. Nice touch! Lacey discovered that she could walk up a slide after seeing her sister do it. I actually couldn't believe my eyes when she was doing it and I was so worried about her falling I didn't dare leave her to get a picture of it, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Lacey's driving the ambulace that has Kylie being doctored in the back by her friend Natalie...

See! All better :)

Mommy and Kylie on TV. They had a very cute broadcasting exhibit. Kylie was able to DJ on the radio and tell the news and weather on TV. They also had a directors booth for the 'broadcast' that was in session.

The day ended with Kylie holding a Ball Python. I couldn't believe she actually did it. She was very reluctant when we first got there. Her friend Natalie on the other hand was not scared at all. The first time Kylie attempted to hold the snake it started moving and it 'creeped her out' as she politely put it. Then after we were done looking and playing with all the exhibits she wanted to go back downstairs to see all the reptiles again, they had a baby alligator, lots of frogs, a could of turtles, a caymen, and of course this snake. When we got downstairs the second time she decided to try it again only this time the snake was all curled up and didn't move. Much better, matter of fact the snake actually fell asleep ih her arms. She was very proud of that fact! See the head looking right at you!?

All in all it was very nice day, the kids had lots of and I think us Mom's did too!