Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baby Girl #2 Doctors Appt (6 Months)

Kylie and went to my doctors appt last Friday. It was a routine visit, check the heartbeat, blood pressure, measurements and weight. I gained 1 whole pound last month, I am up a total of 4 pounds total for the pregnancy. I asked my doctor if this was OK since I know I was much heavier with Kylie by this stage and he said he is happy; the baby seems to be doing fine, shes growing where he wants here to be, she's active (very active) and has a strong heartbeat. With all of that and as long as I'm eating and drinking enough water he's happy.

Speaking of her heartbeat while he was listening to it she kicked really hard. It even supprised him, he had just finished telling me her rate 146 bpm and as soon as she kicked her heartbeat just sped up. Kylie thought that was so funny, she ended up getting the giggles over it. Kylie laughing so hard made me start laughing which then my doctor thought was pretty funny so in the end all 3 of us were laughing over baby girls kick!

Next month is the glucose test which should go just fine, it did with Kylie anyway. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going it seems like I just found out and now we are only a few short months away!


  1. Glad to hear everything is looking good!!

  2. Is it unreal how time just flies. I know my pregnancy with Brooklynn went really fast.. before you know it your going to holding that little girl in your arms and Kylie will just be glowing over her little sister!