Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Walgreens Deal

I'm so excited on the deal I got a Walgreens today! I've been reading a couple of different websites on how to use coupons effectively to get the best deal and these ladies are really good.

Here's my deal that I'm so proud of:

Prices before coupons:
Bic Pens Ultra Round Pens - 2/$1 (bought 4)
Scott Toilet Paper - $3.99
Extra Gum B1G1 - $1.19
Pepsi B1G1 - $1.49
Kleenex - $1.19

Coupons used, and price after coupons:
Bic Pens - 2 coupons for $1 off 2 (FREE!)
Scott Toilet Paper - 1 Mfg coupon for $1 off, 1 Walgrees coupon making it $1.99 ($.99)
Extra Gum - 1 Walgreeen coupon making the price $.59, and a B1G1 coupon ($.59 for 2!)
Pepsi - 1 bottle top B1G1 Free ($1.49)
Kleenex - 1 Walgreens coupon makinf the price $.89 ($.89)

Total before coupons: $12.54
Total after coupons & in-store sales: $3.99 including tax
Total Savings (including advertised specials): $15.14, 74% off!

I've always been a coupon shopper, tried to get the best deal I knew how but now that I'm armed with some really good information I can be a lot better!


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