Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our 4th of July

Kylie loves to swim. So everytime we say we are going to a hotel to stay or visit the first thing she asks 'Can we go swimming?!' So since Daddy had to work I thought it would be fun for me and the girls to go and visit him while he was on reserve. Thankfully he didn't get called out while we were down visiting - it was a very good chance that he would since it was a holiday.
Anyway Kylie and Greg had lots of fun swimming as you can tell by the following pictures. Lacey and I got in the first day and it was too cold for her so we ended up getting out and by then it was her bedtime anyway. So she slept in her stroller while I watched Greg and Kylie in the pool!
She loves to jump into the pool , there she goes!

Going in!

Her big splash!

She survived the jump!


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