Friday, July 31, 2009

I read a book about it...

Lately Kylie has been coming up with some pretty funny stories. I wanted to capture them and share them with everyone else. After reading the stories she has made you will be able to see how witty she is. I sometimes wish I could record her because sometimes she just cracks Greg and I with her stories and comments, and most of the time she isn't even trying to be funny, she just is!

Kylie's new favorite thing to tell me is that she "read a book about it". This is funny in and of itself becasue she doesn't know how to read 'for real' but she's great at pretending she can read. Here is one of her "I read about about it" stories.

Kylie: Mommy did you know that Mosquitos don't bite animals?

Me: Really, are you sure?

Kylie: Yep they only bite humans. That's how the Mama mosquito feeds her babies. She bits the human, then the blood goes into her tummy. Then she feeds the babies the blood.!

Me: Really...How did you know that?

Kylie: Well, I read a book about it!


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