Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Animal Planet and Robin Hood Village

The other day when we are on our way home from Kylie's gymnastics lesson Kylie spotted a rabbit eating grass on the side of the road. She gets so excited when she sees them, if shes in our yard and sees them she tries to 'sneak' up on them. According to Nana during their camping trip she was able to get with in 3 feet on a bunny! Anyway after seeing the rabbit and pointing it out for me to see, this was her comment:

Mommy you know when me and Nana waked up in her camper and we looked outside, it was just like Animal Planet there were so many animals!

This comment just made me laugh, then right after that comment came this one as I was getting the mail out of our mailbox:

Look at all those robins Mommy its just like Robin Hood Village there are so many of them!

Ahhh, my daughter always keeping me on my toes wonder what is going to come out of her mouth next!


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