Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day at the Beach

I wonder if she likes being at the beach?

Searching for seashells, with a smile. How cute!

This is getting serious. Finding seashells is hard to do!

Building sandcastles, a must at the beach!

Cute little beach bum!

Building some sancastles of her own!

Just chillin' at the beach!

Another cute beach bum!

Kylie and Lacey had so much fun at he beach today! Lacey tasted the sand, judging by the look on her face I'm guessing she didn't really appreciate the taste so much. Of course the next time we go I'm sure she'll have to try it again, you know just to remind herself that it really doesn't taste so great. Kylie is already making plans on when we can go back. She said she didn't get to me enough sandcastles or play in the water long enough. My legs however are telling me to never go to the beach again! Clearly I am out of shape, walking in the sand is hard to do.


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