Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kylie's Birthday Party

The cake of course!
Birthday Girl - isn't she cute?!

The birthday band!
So many pictures...
Kylie had a great time at her birthday party. The theme was supposed to be Barbie, however I'm not sure you could really tell, and honestly I don't think Kylie or any of the rest of her friends cared either. She had 3 friends and their siblings from school at the party. They played in the pool and the slip n slide and got to beat the tar out of the Barbie pinata. I think that was one of their favorite parts. They all did a great job at taking turns with the pinata, and ultimatly I think it was Jessica who managed to knock it down. It wasn't enough that it was down because the candy didn't spill all over the place they had to keep beating her until the candy fell out, it was actually pretty funny to watch! Kylie had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake that she requested but NEVER TOOK A BITE. I must say the rest of the party goers liked the cake though.

However I have definatley learned the lesson to be careful what you wish for because all I really wanted for Kylie's party was for the weather to be warm since the kids were going to play in the water. Well warm doesn't describe it, more like hot, hot, hot, and humid! I think the temperature ended up being in the mid 90s! Definate water playing weather. Infortunatly Kylie ended up having a mild heat stroke. She ended up with a temperature of 104 after being in house for a hour! I'm sure it must have been higher when she first came in. We were able to get her cooled down and rehydrated but it was quite scary for a while!
Happy Birthday honey, we hope you had a great birthday!


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