Friday, May 14, 2010

Dirt + Water = MUD!

Last night Kylie came in and told me Lacey got a hold of the her watering can and was playing in the dirt. Kylie told me she was trying to be nice and so she didn't take it away. I told that was fine, Kylie said OK, but Mom she is really dirty. I told that was Ok and I would take care of Lacey when she was done in the mud. Then it occured to Kylie to ask if she could play in the mud too, when I told her yes she was sooo excited!
What I failed to realize is exactly how dirty Lacey really was...
Doesn't she look oh so innocent in this one?

The full "effect"
"See Mama there's more on my hands too!"
And yes I was able to get her shirt white again, believe it or not!


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