Friday, June 1, 2007

From the mouth of a 2 year old

Here are a couple of things that Kylie has said in the past few weeks that just made us chuckle. Sometimes she comes up with some pretty good lines that make us question just how old she really is...

We were eating pizza for dinner the other day and Kylie decided that it was a good idea to wave the pepperoni in the air really fast in order to get the cheese off rather than just eat it off. And we told a few different times to stop and finally I asked her "what are you doing" she says "oh, I'm just goofing around guys". When did we become guys to her? I thought we were her parents.

Kylie was watching TV and Daddy kept touching her ear and she told him to stop it. He did it again and she told him to stop it again only this time with a little agitation in her vioce. Well he proceeded to do it again and she finally had enough and told him very firmly "Stop it I tell you, are you not?!"

Kylie was in our guest room playing with our corded telephone. From our guest room I hear "What's wrong with this thing, it not working!" I asked what she was doing, she says "I'm trying use this phone." She brings the phone out to the hallway where I was and says "Mommy this not working, I not know how to do it." I said well who are you trying to call. She said Nana. and then she says "Mommy I have to do this, this my whole world" with her arms stretched out.

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  1. Nana thinks Kylie is her whole world too! I was waiting for that call.