Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Manners Please

Today when I picked up Kylie at daycare her teacher told me about an
exchange she had with Kylie earlier in the day, it when like this:

Teacher: Kylie put you book away, then get in line so we can go

Kylie: Could you use good manners please?

Teacher (trying hard not to laugh): Ok, Could you please put
your book away then get in line so we can go outside, please?

Kylie: Thank you, that's better.

And off she went and put her book away and got in line to go outside. Her teacher
said it took everything in her power not to laugh at her. It just wasn't
something she expected her to say.

It sounds a little sarcastic but at the same time we have always taught her
to be polite and use 'please' and 'thank you' so I guess she felt the need to
correct her teacher this time and not be the one that is being corrected.


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