Sunday, July 31, 2011

Katie's 6 Month Pictures

Mommy took Katie's 6 month pictures again this month.

This one is Mommy's favorite.  Which one is yours?
 It's hard to believe that it has been 6 months already that this little beauty entered our lives. 
 She is sitting up now, and is trying to crawl.  Sometime during month 7 I do belive she will crawl then look out world!
 She loves her sisters, she gets SO excited when she sees them come into the room.
 She started eating baby food, however I think she is going to be a picky eater.  It seems that the only veggies she likes are of the orange variety, forget about anything green!  She cries when you try to feed green beans or peas to her.  She loves all fruit!
I think she is going to be the kid that says forget about baby food, and give me the REAL stuff!

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  1. I like the first one too!! They're all so great!! She's a doll...