Thursday, March 6, 2008

Theme Thursday - 'Spirited'

Today theme is 'Spirited" over at The Land of K.A.
I think this picture captures the theme very well. Kylie is funny, sassy, smart and sweet all wrapped up in one loveable and ‘Spirited’ package.
I read over at another Barely Controlled Chaos that she and her friend have two Emmas and they are also very spirited. Well I have to say I know at least one other Kylie that is very spirited, with very much the same personality as my Kylie, and have met 2 other people that tell me their Kylies are the same way. you know of 2 names not to chose for you baby girl if you are hoping for a calm and mild child. Not gonna happen with those 2 names!
To enjoy more 'Spirited' entries head over to The land of K.A.!


  1. Oh, boy! You are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e, Mama! I have seen that attitude look before. Whew.

    But she is so, so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking, too! We are done having girlies, but I'll pass along the "kylie" warning to anyone I meet. :-)

  2. She is adorable! You'll be fighting off the boy!

  3. she sure is a spirited child! love the picture! im sure she cant wait to go outside as it gets closer .. i know tristen is just itching to go.. well im itching for him to get out & run off some energy.

    shes a cutie pie! give her our love!