Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday - Playing in the Water

Kylie got some new water boots from her Auntie Shawna and we just had to try them out. She had so much fun, exploring the "cuddles" (her word for puddles).

I'm trying to find the perfect leaf...

And here it is!

At the beginng of the "cuddle".

Half way....

Made it through the "cuddles"!

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  1. I have a Kylie too! And I remember not long ago how sweet and little she was. She looked a lot like your beauty. Now she is 21!

  2. what a cutie in booties and what a nice aunt--I love puddles and cuddles even more:>

  3. kids make the best models and subjects. great theme.

    happy ww:

  4. Hey I love the last one with her reflection in the water. Nicely done.

    My WW post for this week is up.

  5. Beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous girl!

    Happy n-s-WW! :-)

    My post: "Zzzzzz"

  6. Oh she looks cute and have fun of her boots. Happy WW!

  7. It looks like she had a blast. Love her outfit!

  8. She forgot to jump up & splash! Do-over!!

  9. That looks like fun! I want to go play too....

  10. ahhhhhh lifes small pleasures are the best, aren't they? happy ww!

  11. Very cute - but why isn't she jumping up and down splashing dirty water everywhere and on everyone?

    Happy WW :-)

  12. How adorable! Every stage of parenthood is so rewarding and such an adventure. We have four children, and I have always looked and look forward to their "puddle=cuddle" stage.

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog and welcome you to visit ours as well.