Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kindness of Strangers

Kylie and I were checking out at the Dollar Store when she decided that she wanted to get a toy out the the quarter machine. She was already getting a treat so I told her "No". Of course she pleaded with me, and I told her I didn't have a quarters for the machine. Well a lady behind us was listening to us and apparently decided that she wanted to give Kylie some money. She gave her two quarters and helped her "spend" them in the machines. She was so kind and patient waiting for Kylie to decide which toy she wanted. Before she was even done "buying" her toys another gentleman came up and gave her two more quarters because in his words "I just love children."

It was so touching to see this kind of kindness among strangers, especially towards a child. I know those kind gestures made an important impact on Kylie. She was so happy she made sure to tell them all thank you even before I said anything! I think she had a "perma-grin" the whole time she was spending her quarters.


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