Thursday, April 14, 2011


The girls and I went to a local kids museum on the first day of spring break. It's very a fun place, it's all about your health, and has lots of interactive exhibits. The girls had a great time, we spent almost 3 hours and I'm pretty sure they tried to do everything in the museum! Kylie had been there before when she was in preschool so she had an idea of what to expect.

This eye ball really freaked Lacey out, she would only look at it from afar. Kylie tried to encourage her to look at it by going up to it but Lacey was not convinced.
They had a plastic chair that was filled with lot of used cigarette butts, it was really gross at the smoking and lung exhibit.

Kylie's reason not to smoke....
Dr. Norton hard at work performing a surgery. Look at the concentration, even her tongue is sticking out!

Dr. Norton successfully removed her patients heart!
Her assistant Lacey removed the patients leg bone.
The girls playing shadow soccer. Your shadow is what makes the balls move, much harder than it looks!
Lacey's attempt at keeping up with the lights on the floor. Pretty difficult when you are just under 3 feet tall!
Kylie had lots of fun climbing the 'skin' wall.
At the supermarket, then Lacey went to the garden 'pick' her vegetables.
This picture speaks for itself :-)
Scientist Kylie discovering a new molecular structure.
At the dentist!
Lacey's turn!
And finally they ended their day by coloring a picture. Funny enough they both picked the same picture to color without even knowing it!
All in all it was a great day at the museum! What I love about this place is it isn't huge so when you take more than one kid they have a little freedom to roam without Mom hovering over them. Kylie loved that she was able to have that little bit of freedom, made her feel independent.

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  1. Great pictures of the girls! They look like they had a blast!