Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Afraid of the dark

This morning Kylie stayed home with Daddy instead of going to school. She loves to stay home with him, they play together and sometimes go to movies. She has her Daddy's passion for movies.

When they got up Kylie said, "Daddy your going to have to turn on the light, I'm a little afraid of the dark and I think there is monsters." Greg said she it in a very solmn tone.

She very afraid of the dark, she will not turn on the bathroom light because she is afraid to even reach her arm in to turn on the light. Or if she is in our half bath she won't go in because our bedroom is dark and she doesn't want to be able to see the dark room. The door to the room has to be shut or the light turned on in the bedroom for her to be satisfied. I believe this is a phase she is going through.


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