Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kylie Singing

All of these videos are of Kylie singing. She really got her Daddy's genes when it comes to singing. She loves to sing and is always singing.

Kylie singing Shook Me All Night Long, not the best choice for a 4 year old to sing but she loves the song and of course has no idea what she is even singing. (Sorry the video is sideways, I always forget that when taking a video with your camera to not turn it - someday I'll remember.)

Here she is singing Row, Row, Your Boat with her Karaoke machine she got from Nana and Papa for Christmas.

And last but not least, Old MacDonald had a Farm. She obviously was tired of just sitting and singing and me videoing her. This is what she does on a typical day, play and sing, there are many days I pick her up from Daycare and she is playing by herself (doing a puzzle or something) and singing the whole time.


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