Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fell Down Today

This morning after I was finished cleaning off the snow off the car and I decided that I would put the brush in the back instead of in the backseat. As I was walking to the back apparently my shoe caught the driveway (its a little uneven) and I lost my balance and proceeded to fall down in the driveway. Thankfully I landed on my side and not on my belly. However in doing so I managed to scrape both of my hands and my right knee which is also bruised. This all happened before 6:30 in the morning - not a good way to start the day. I went back into the house to change my pants because of course I was wearing khaki pants and they were full of dirt and pine needles from the driveway from my hip to my ankles. It's a wonder I didn't end up bruising more for as hard as I fell.

I called the doctor after I got to work and was told I had to go to the hospital to be monitored for a couple of hours to make sure the baby was fine. I felt this was really not necessary because almost as soon as I fell I felt her move, I was told by the nurse it was NOT NEGOTIABLE. After I got to the hospital they put the monitors on me and after two hours they were satisfied she was fine and even told me by the way her heartbeat was charting she is a happy baby. That made me really happy to hear, hopefully she will be a happy baby when she is born!

All in all it was quite an eventful day.


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