Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kindergarten Round-up

Last night Greg and I went to Kindergarten Round-up for Kylie. We were able to learn about what her day will entail and got a tour of the school. When we got there the principle asked Kylie if she would like to go with her to the Kindergarten room and to our surprise Kylie went! I really didn't expect that because Kylie is usually very shy around strangers. It really made it a lot easier to listen to the teacher and hear about the school (Lacey slept through the whole thing). When it was over we went to get Kylie thinking she would be wondering where we were, on the contrary, she did not want to go she was busy coloring a picture!

Its hard to believe that she is already old enough to start Kindergarten in the fall. From what I heard tonight Kylie is more than ready to go to school as far as her academics go. Just from going to preschool and learning from us she already knows a lot of what they will learn in the first half of the school year.

Her two biggest fears about going to kindergarten? The shots she needs to get (3) and the fact that her friends that she has now in preschool won't be there. I'm sure she will makes friends very quickly, she usually does.


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