Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lacey's 4 Months Old

Lacey is 4 months old today, time just seems to fly by! She is such a happy baby, lots of smiles.
Here are some of Lacey's likes/dislikes...

She's decided upon her own bedtime of 6:30 - 7:00 PM. While it's great that I know exactly what time to expect her to want to go to bed, the time stinks because it means I only really get to see and play with her for about a half an hour :( I do know that if I attempt to keep her up any later I'll be in trouble because then she is over tired and then it takes upwards to 45 minutes to get her to sleep (normal is 15 - 20 mintutes)

Lacey is just starting to really like to play peek-a-boo she smiles whenever we play it. She loves to stand and sit up. She especially loves to sit up in the bath, I bought her a foam pad to lay on in the bath and she is forever trying to lift her head off of the pad. If I sit her up she gets soo excited she smiles and kicks her legs sending water all over the place (mainly me)!

She loves to sing, she spends a lot of her day 'singing'! We love it! It is so much fun to see her developing her own little personality.


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