Thursday, June 2, 2011

Field Day with Kylie

Field Day at school with Kylie was lots of fun.  All of the kids seemed to have tons of fun!
 They had  face painting, lots of sports activities, a picinic, and I think the favorite...a water ballon fight!  The kids thought that was great!
My personal favorite it the plunger races.  The looks on the kids faces is priceless!

While waiting their turn at the various activities the kids played on the playground.  And of course Kylie is never one to shy away from the camera struck this pose for me.  I love it, it's so full of her.

One of the other things they did before the picinic was tie-dyed shirts.  Each class wore a different color, I thought it was a great way for the teachers to be able to keep track of their classes.  Kylie's 1st grade class wore purple.  All of the t-shirts looked cute on the kids.

We have really enjoyed our time at this school.  It's a little sad knowing this will be the last time we will see most of the kids.  This is Kylie's teacher Ms. Frucci.  She was a wonderful teacher with lots of patience.  Kylie said the other day that she thought she was going to grow up and be 'just like Ms Frucci'.  I asked her what she meant and she said 'you know, nice like her!'  I thought this was such a sweet thing for her to say about her teacher, and I agree Ms Frucci you are a 'NICE' teacher!


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