Monday, June 20, 2011


Lately Lacey has been talking a lot about when she grows up. It's really cute the things she comes up with, here is what I heard this morning:

"Mommy when I grow up an be a Dad I gonna cook"

"Today is my daddy's brday, he is 30-10 today"

"When I grow up and be a Mom I not gonna have a wa-wa (pacifier)"
How many kids are you going to have?
I gonna have all the kids. (she held up her hand with all 5 fingers showing)
That's a lot of kids
I, I, gonna have 2 kids. (she held up her hand to show me 2 fingers)
That's a nice number, what are you going to name them?
I gonna name them Tiny Tim!  (she was serious....)

She is so much fun to listen to.  Both her and Kylie usually have something funny they say at least once a day...sometimes more... :-)


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