Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lacey's First 2 Days at Daycare

I am happy to report that all is going will for Lacey at daycare. All of the caregivers tell me she is an angel (which of course I already knew). She seems to have fallen right into a routine and their nap schedule already. She loves to sleep, she is usually awake an hour and then needs more to sleep some more. Of course she made me a liar when I told them she eats frequently and only 2-3 ounces at time. The first bottle she had she at all 4 ounces and has been doing that ever since and only eats every 3 hours - which is perfect especially for daycare. Both days when I've come to pick her up someone was holding her and when she got home she was all smiles. Of course the smiles melt my heart...she is perfect.


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