Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Dentist

Yesterday I took Kylie to her 6 month cleaning at the dentist. On the way over to the appointment she told me she was going to be a big girl and go back to the cleaning by herself. Of course I thought when it came right down to it when they called her name she would change her mind, however, she did not. When the hygienist called her name she went with her and told me she would see me in a little bit. Lacey and I waited in the waiting room during the cleaning and in a short while she was done. She had no cavities and the hygienist said she did a great job.

Funny story that happened as we were leaving: I was holding Lacey and the hygienist came up to us and was looking at all of Lacey's hair and said "Oh this must be SARA!" I said no it's Lacey. Apparently Kylie told her that her sister's name was Sara and then in the waiting room she changed it to Emily Elizabeth! The whole waiting room was laughing at Kylie.


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