Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lacey is 2 Months old!

I cannot believe Lacey is already 2 months old! Where does the time go?! She is such a happy baby, lots of smiles.
Here are some of Lacey's likes/dislikes...
She sleeps for 5-6 hours when she first goes to bed, she wakes up usually between 2:30 and 3:30 and easily goes back to bed. She wakes again usually around 6:30 which is perfect because that is the time I'm getting up to get ready for work.
She enjoys her space and her own quiet time. She likes to lay on her changing table and just look around or "talk" to Kylie (which Kylie thinks is so neat that her sister can "talk" to her). She also enjoys being in her bassinet and just looking at the ceiling and her surroundings.
She sometimes puts herself to sleep with out much rocking from Mommy. Mommy really likes to rock and cuddle but sometimes the only ways she will go to sleep is for Mommy to put her down.
She likes to talk to Daddy, Mommy, and Kylie. She gets so excited when we talk to her. She loves to listen to Kylie sing.


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