Friday, July 2, 2010

Rodeo Fun

We went to the Rodeo! Kylie loved it, the only thing she didn't approve of is the calf roping. I got to say I agree with her, that is my least favorite part too.

Of course the clown, he was actuallypretty funny most of the time. Lacey did NOT like him though, when he came close to the fence she took off AWAY from him.

Kylie liked the bucking horses, she though they were pretty cool! I didn't get a picture of the bulls, but she was equally intrigued by them too. She told Daddy they were real bulls and they werr big!

Lacey liked all the 'neigh neighs'. She did very well, the rodeo started at 7pm and ended at 10pm. So the evening definatley ran well into her bedtime but she was a real trooper! They had intermission half way through so we went and got more to drink, Lacey got some popcorn (her favorite) and Kylie secured some cotton candy and a cowgirl hat. I think she looks so darn cute in it.

Who can forget the awesome trick rider! She was great, riding 2 horses at the same time barefoot, too cool!
After the Rodeo Kylie talked me into letting them go on a couple of rides. Lacey really seemed to enjoy the 'helicopter ride' and kept waving to Kylie the whole time. Of course she isn't old enough to go on any by herself so I went with her.

I've always wanted to be in one of those 'Wild West Old Time Photos', however I've never managed to do it. So, I asked Kylie if she was interested and she was! What do you think?


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