Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Cast...has been removed

This morning the whole family went to the Doctors office with Lacey toget her cast removed. i was hopeful that her foot was healed and that she would not have to have the cast replaced. Thankfully after they removed the cast and did xrays her foot is healed to the point she doesn't need to have it in a cast anymore. Yay!!!

She did absolutly wonderful. I fully expected her to freak out when they removed the cast. However she didn't even fuss! She kept saying over and over again 'all done, all done' long before it was done but that was the extent of the fussing. When the cast came off she jumped off the chair and started heading for the doon 'comen mommy' (come on mommy) was all she could say. I was told to expect that it would take a couple of days for her to start walking properly, however she was off and running down the hall the minute the opportunity presented itself!

She took her first 'real' bath tonight and was in her abolute glory to be able to be in the tub without the plastic bag. She hated the bag and freaked out when I tried to give her a bath with it on. After her bath you could just tell how refreshed she felt! She was dancing and singing, so cute!

She has to go back for a six week check and then after that she is in the clear!


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