Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Cast

After calling all over town I found out that our town does not have a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. I called our family doctor to get a recommendation since I do not have a clue on who I should bring Lacey to see. The nurse called back suggested a Dr and when she called the Orthopedic Surgeons office they recommended taking her to a podiatrist since it is a foot injury.

To the podiatrist we went! After waiting 2 hours past our appointment schedule we finally got into see him. He looked at her foot, pressed on the injured area, then looked at x-rays from the Express Care Clinic and then he confirmed that yes in fact her foot was fractured. Although when he was looking at it you would have never know that it was hurt, when he pressed on the injured area she didn't even flinch and she was walking on it without the cast while he was looking at the xrays!

The Dr. decided it was a must that she get a hard cast put on it since she obviously was not going to let her injury slow her down. She has to wear the cast for 2 weeks, so on July 22nd we will go in, have an xray to confirm a healed foot, remove the cast and hopefully we will be on our way!

Her cute pink cast...pre-signatures

Could she be any cuter???

Look at all those signatures...
Our family and all the teachers at her daycare signed her cast. We will keep it as a keepsake for sure!


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