Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving Baby

Lately I've been feeling out little one move quite a bit. She seems to be on the move, every so ofter during the day but mostly in the evening and especially when I lay down in bed. She is just as active as Kylie was, this may be an indication of things to come.

Last night when Kylie and were laying down in bed she got to feel her sister move. Baby girl was moving so much, she kicked/punched/bumped the same spot 3 times in a row. Kylie said she sure is a busy girl! Kylie was absolutely elated, she had to call Daddy and tell him what just happened! She was talking so fast to Daddy because she was so excited that he could hardly understand her.

She just cannot wait until her little sister is here. While she had her had on my belly she said, "This is just like holding my sister, I'm going to hold her when she is is out of your tummy too!" I had my had on top of hers so I could move it to here baby was moving and she said, 'Were holding her together, we're doing teamwork." All the while beaming from ear to ear.

It was so cute, she feel asleep with her had on my belly waiting for her little sister to move again...so precious.


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