Friday, July 11, 2008

5 Months Along Doctors Appt

Today Kylie accompanied me to me and the baby's doctors appt. It was just a belly check, her heartbeat was 144 bpm. What was so funny about the appt was when the Doctor first found her heartbeat it was very loud, just as he was going to tell me her heartbeat rate she moved, then again, and again...she proceeded to 4 times before he finally was able to get her heartbeat rate! I told him that is exactly what she did during the ultrasound. He said that was normal because the intrument they use to get the image (I don't know what it is called) pushes into their territory and they don't like it. But usually the doppler doesn't bother them. I told him she is always moving doesn't seem to take too many breaks, of course that is a good thing that she is so active.

I asked Kylie if she heard the baby's heartbeat and she said "Yeah, but it was a little bit different because she kept moving so much." I think that is so cute how she really listens to the doctors comments. At one point he was asking me if I had any questions and Kylie shook her head no, I guess she thought he was talking to her.

He also said based on the ultrasound that the due date of December 2nd would stay the same. I was really hoping he would move it up and I tried to convince him to do it but he would not budge. He just said "it will stay the same but we'll hope for a November baby, which I kinda think its going to be." I took that to mean he really believes this one will be early too, just like Kylie. I hope I am and getting my hopes up and then it turns out she decides to be late, that would make me crazy especially since Kylie was 3 1/2 weeks early!


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