Friday, July 18, 2008

Broken Heart

On the way to Vacation Bible School yesterday Kylie and I had a very interesting conversation, it went something like this:

Mommy sometime mean people will break your heart

Your right

And sometimes mean strangers will break your heart too and thats not very nice

No it's not

But Daddy never breaks my heart and you never break my heart

Well that's good because Mommy and Daddy only want you to be happy and we never want to break your heart

When mean strangers break my heart that makes me sad and I don't like to be sad

I don't like when you are sad either

And someday mean boys are going to break my heart and that's beary mean!

Yes it is

And mean girls too!

Yep you are right, but Daddy and Mommy will be there for you when that happens

Thank you Mommy.

Apparently she's been really thinking about this subject and had to get this information off her chest.
Then this morning when I was taking Kylie to school we had to stop on the road to wait for some geese to cross the road and let me tell you - they were taking there time! Kylie thought it was neat to see all the geese and I told her we had to wait for them so we don't run them over. This is the conversation that followed:

We have to wait so we don't run them over, because that would be mean and we are not mean people

No were not

We are nice to other people and animals

Yeah because that would make them sad and hurt their hearts, you know geese have hearts too

Yes they do

I'm still a little bit sad about the squiral and the turtle that you runned over yesterday (that actually happened in the same day only it was about 3 weeks ago! - what are the chances she'd still remember it)

Yeah that's sad isn't it (said with a slight smirk and chuckle over the fact that she still remembers it)

Why you laughing?

I'm not, I'm smiling

Why you smiling then

Because I love you (I've just been called out by a 3 year old!)

Well that don't make a point!

Ahhh and she's only 3!

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