Monday, March 19, 2012

Eventful weekend

So this morning I was all excited because we were actually ON TIME for church! That is until I heard the most blood curdling screech from the back seat. When I looked back to see what the problem was, all poor Kylie could do is point and scream! Apparently she discovered a 'hitchhiker' in our car....a little MOUSE had crawled across her foot! I have never in my life ever heard her scream like that, and she could barely speak, her eyes were bigger than quarters.

I pulled over as soon as I could and took everything out of the car in hopes that I could find out 'friend'. I'm really not sure what I thought I was going to do if I found him because I don't exactly like mice either. As I'm doing all of this Kylie starts to feel bad about scaring the poor little mouse. She said 'he was just little and looking for something to eat and now I scared him'. I thought to myself him? what about the rest of us in the car?! Amazingly the other 2 girls didn't even fuss, Lacey just wanted to see the mouse...

Lets just say, trap is set....

Another thing that happend this 'eventful' weekend is the pipe that is attached to the bottom of my kitchen sink apparently decided that it was 'done' doing its job and fell away from the sink. The timing could not have been worse, I had a sink full of water and the dishwasher was empting at the sametime...two words....'tidal wave' of water came from underneath my cabinet. Water was everywhere..., it took 5 beach size towels to wipe everything up! To make matters worse is I have harwood floors in my kitchen/dining room/family room and apparently the water found a way underneath the flooring and now the flooring is heaved up in 2 spots and starting a third! The one is so bad that you can see the sides of the wood planks, the other 2 haven't gotten that far yet.

When it rains it pours at our house! ugh


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