Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Zoo

We visited our local Zoo today.  The kids love going to the zoo and I love taking them!
I couldn't believe how close Kylie was able to get to this peacock, of course right after I took this picture he put up all of his feathers.  So pretty.

It's a win win situation! 
This guys is 100 years old!  I have no idea how they figure that out but that's what the sign said!

See the baby with it's cute

Basking in the sun

"Look Mom I'm running away from you...see me?!"

This zoo also had a park to play on so of course we stopped and played.  Kylie never fails me when I call her name and I have the camera in my hand, so always smiles :)

Big sister helping nice to see

Strike a pose sister!

They loved the was a nice surprise for them.  They had no idea where they were going!


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