Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun with my sisters!

Kylie and Lacey love to play with Katie. Kylie is constantly asking to hold her so she can play and talk with her.

Lacey is beyond thrilled when Katie smiles at her. She gets all excited and says 'Mommy, Katie 'miled' at me!" And if she just happens to coo at Lacey, Lacey is over the moon. She says 'Mommy her likes me!"
Kylie is absolutely convinced that she has taught Katie how to kick her feet and move her arms in the air. The first time it happened couldn't believe she could 'learn' so fast!
It's so much fun to watch the ways Kylie and Lacey play with Katie. And Katie gets so excited to see either of them, her eyes light up when they come near her. It's beautiful!


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