Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kylie 1st T-Ball Game

Kylie had her first t-ball game last night, it was so fun to watch all the kids. The weather was warm, but it's summer it's supposed to be warm right!?

She was sooo excited to get the game started!

Up to bat with the pink bat.

Hits the ball!!!

Then runs to Third! Then she figured out which way she was supposed to run and then got to run all the bases with her coach!

Waiting to the ball in the outfield

She really likes playing t-ball but I do think that a faster paced sport, like soccer maybe would be a better fit for her. She seems to be a little bored at times as evidenced by this picture:

Lacey's enjoying a nice cold bottle during the very warm game!

Keeping herself busy during big sister's game


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