Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lacey's 7 Months Old!!

It's hard to believe Lacey is 7 months old already. I was telling Greg the other day that I think its going faster because we are so much busier than we were when Kylie was the same age.
Some of her milestones so far:
  • Working on crawling, she has the backward push mastered and knows how to scoot on her bottom to get what she wants.
  • Just started feeding herself, she loves the Gerber Star Puffs
  • Tries to mimick what you are doing, and example is she love to spit and blow bubbles if you do that to her she will respond to you and do it back
  • Waves most of the time when leaving

She is such a smiley baby, sometimes she smiles so big there isn't anyway her smile could be bigger! She is blessing that loves her big sister sooooo much!


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