Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kylie's Fun At Papa and Grandma's House

Myself, Kylie and Lacey went to visit Papa and Grandma and the rest of my family over the past 11 days. The time went so fast! Why does it seem like when your waiting for something to happen in 11 days it takes forever but yet our vaction flew by! We did get to do quite a few of fun things and I tried to take lots of pictures, below are some of the fun things Kylie got to do:

Talked Uncle Shaun into taking her for a ride on the 4-wheeler. She loved it!

Some swinging in the backyard Grandma's Park
More swinging...she really liked that she could get herself started and didn't have to wait for someone to give her a push!

More playing in 'Grandma's Park'

She made and Apple Pie in the house at 'Grandma's Park'

Collected bunches of tickets at Cousin Cole's 3rd Brithday Party

Had lots of fun at Cole's party

Lead Dippy at her Great Auntie Karol's Farm

Rode Dippy with Sierra at Great Auntie Karol Farm

We attended my Grandma Schmidt's 80th birthday celebration

Convinced Uncle Shaun to give her one more4-wheeler ride on our last day at Papa and Grandma's

Just for fun in the airport Kylie wanted me to take this picture:
All in all we had a great time that went waaaaay too fast!

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  1. Thats to bad that you didn't get a picture of me and her doing the tooty tot. That would been funny to see!!